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Now, a bit about myself.

I believe in Slow Science: deep understanding and scientific production respect different timelines. One can be much slower than the other, but they both must exist!

I have a vast range of interests, amongnst which lies my passion for scientific dissemination. I was the host of a(n italian) podcast in which I tried to simplify and render accessible (but most importantly, applicable) the most recent findings in neuroscience, biology and psychology. Part of my plan was also to spread awareness on the high-quality research that is happening in Italy in any field. My purpose was to reply to the following questions:

Let us re-ignite the trust of humanity in Science!

I also believe in the importance of mental health and of taking care of oneself. Consequently, part of my efforts were directed towards demistifying psychotherapy and psychiatry. Awareness is always the first step.

I am amongst the organisers of the ‘‘Think and Drink’’ seminar series at ISTA. The purpose is to encourage interdisciplinarity and to spread awareness about the respective topics of research. We continuously invite local scientist to provide a short but, most importantly, accessible talk on a topic that matters to them (generally, their research topic). The talk is then followed by a light buffet with drinks to encourage socialisation. Enabling communication between hard sciences and soft sciences, but also within the respective areas, is a tough challenge but we believe it can be addressed! As somewhat of an interdiscplinarian myself I acknowledge the power and the potential of inter-field communication. A concept beautifully expressed by Prof. Ugo Vaccaro in this episode (you can enable english subtitles there!).